Must Know Things About Saint Lucia!

Get to Know Our Island of the Caribbean! Below we share some good to know information on the island of St. Lucia that will help you jump into your vacation with a little more confidence! And if you have other questions, our team here at Lush will always be happy to answer them! Capital: Castries. Driving: We’ve partnered with […]

History & Culture Of Saint Lucia

Pitions-Saint Lucia

History & Culture Of Saint Lucia. History As early as 200 AD, the island was first inhabited by the Arawak Indians. Later, it was taken over by the ‘Caribs’ who were often regarded as aggressive and possibly even cannibals (although there is little evidence to support that claim). They named the island Iouanalao, meaning “island of the […]

Must-See Places in St. Lucia!

Don’t Miss These Must-See Places in St. Lucia! St. Lucia is one of those enchanting places that holds remarkable beauty at every turn. With such a mountainous and volcanic landscape, St. Lucia features some breathtaking scenery and topography, including an active volcano, some picture-perfect waterfalls, romantic coves, and of course, the famous Piton Mountains! And […]