See the Birds of St. Lucia!

From a bird watcher’s point of view, St. Lucia is a relatively easy island to work being only 28 miles long & 14 miles wide. St. Lucia is also the most important birding destination of the Lesser Antilles as it holds either 5 or 6 single island endemics. We say 5 or 6 endemic birds because depending on who you talk to, the list of endemic birds include: The St. Lucia Parrot, the St. Lucia Black Finch, the St. Lucia Pewee, the St. Lucia Oriole and the St. Lucia Warbler. The St. Lucian race of the House Wren is considered by some as an endemic species (although this is not as yet widely accepted). Another Lesser Antillean endemic bird in St. Lucia is the endangered White-Breasted Thrasher.

The island has also a species list of around 170 of which a significant number are North American migrants. The Vacation Club in Marigot Bay is the perfect place to stay if you are coming birding in St. Lucia, as it is centrally located on the Caribbean coast of St. Lucia from where you can easily access the best birding spots. In addition to this, the Vacation Club has its own nature trail.

If you plan your trip ahead, it is fairly easy to see all of the 5 endemic species of St. Lucia, the 2 specialty birds (St. Lucia Wren and the White-breasted Thrasher) and many more, within a 7-day vacation. We can provide more information about the endemic species that you will find on our beautiful tropical island and the best birding spots around.


RAINFOREST BIRDING AND NATURE TOUR combined with scenic beautiful landscapes of The South East Coast and Des Cartiers Nature Trail

Our tour begins from pick up, where give commentary on St. Lucia’s history and bird life on an interesting drive to the Atlantic coast and small village of Dennery (one of the island’s most successful fishing villages). An opportunity to experience the Caribbean at its best, as we enjoy panoramic view of the colorful village, and point out magnificent frigate birds and other birds in the area.  Our first stop on the east coast of St. Lucia we’ll devote some time in search for one of the very much sought-after endemics, the White-breasted Thrasher, and to getting good views of this range-restricted endemic.


We move on to the beautiful and lush Des Cartier Rainforest trail for the highlight of the day. This is where you will get the opportunity to see the spectacular Saint Lucia Parrot, National Bird of Saint Lucia, and the most colorful parrot of the Amazona parrots.  This will involve a leisurely walk up the gently sloping track from the entrance, stopping along the way searching for endemics, specialties and other rainforest dwelling birds.


  • We recommend proper walking shoes, long trousers and insect repellent for rain forest.
  • We provide binoculars if needed and can teach you to use them if you’re a beginner.
  • We offer hands on training in the use of binoculars.
  • Guides are equipped with spotting scopes. Complements Votex Optic. 



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US$280   $400      $600      $780        $880      $1000


Transportation, guiding and water, entrance fees, binoculars included in this cost. Additional $14 USD per person to include lunch.


SPECTACULAR BIRDING EXCURSION (combing scenic beauty and quality bird life)

This lovely location gives us the opportunity to see many endemics, lesser Antilles species and regional species with a back drop that is absolutely spectacular. The majestic Pitons, world heritage sites and national land marks. The views are breathtaking from Bouton and Desbott.

We trek the Northern mountain range of the town of Soufriere along a beautifully paved road of a small community called Bouton. We bird on the edge of a tropical rainforest and an Orchard and other fruit trees like mangoes, golden apples, cocoa, coffee, nutmeg and lovely flowering plants both native and exotic. Somewhat like an ecotone; the perfect setting for birds.

We then venture into the town of Soufriere to the Diamond Botanical Gardens to see the lovely flowers there, the birds, mineral baths and of course the Sulphur waterfall. The garden was established by the order of the great Napoleon himself in 1786 for the soldiers.

Last but not least, we visit officially the town of Soufriere. One of the first towns established in St. Lucia in 1746 and spend time at the harbor in an attempt to eye frigate birds and the occasional Osprey before heading back to the hotel/cruise ship.

  • We recommend proper walking shoes, long trousers and insect repellent for rain forest.

We provide binoculars if needed and can teach you to use them if you’re a beginner.


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US$350   $430      $520      $780        $860      $1040


Transportation, guiding and water, entrance fees, binoculars included in this cost.


St. Lucia Parrot

  • Amazona versicolour
  • Endemic to St. Lucia
  • Local Name: Jacquot

st lucia peewee

St. Lucia Peewee

  • Contopus oberi
  • Endemic to St. Lucia
  • Local Names: Gobe-Mouche, or Pin Kaka
  • Picture taken by Jacques Binette on the road to Trou Rolland near the Great House

st lucia warblers

St. Lucia Warbler

  • Dendroica delicate
  • Endemic to St. Lucia
  • Local Names: Chic-chic, Sequia Ba bad
  • Picture taken by Hank Tseng

st lucia black finch

St. Lucia Black Finch

  • Melanospiza richardsoni
  • Endemic to St. Lucia
  • Local Name: Moisson Pied-blanc
  • Picture taken by Ten Di-Wu

st lucia oriole

St. Lucia Oriole

  • Icterus laudabilis
  • Endemic to St. Lucia
  • Local Name: Carouge
  • Picture taken by Jacques Binette at the Great House

st lucia wren

House Wren (St. Lucia Wren)

  • Troglodytes aedon mesoleucus
  • Endemic subspecies
  • Local name: Rossignol
  • Picture taken by Hank Tseng

st lucia white breasted thrasher

White-Breasted Thrasher

  • Ramphocinclus brachyurus sanctaeluciae
  • Local Name: Gorge Blanc
  • Picture taken by Hank Tseng

Best Birding Spots in St. Lucia:

Millet Bird Sanctuary Trail:
Located in the heart of St. Lucia and only a 35-minute drive from Marigot Bay, is the Millet Bird Sanctuary Trail; a heaven of bird life. Over thirty species of birds can be found there, including five endemic species: the St. Lucia Parrot, St. Lucia Black Finch, St. Lucia Oriole, St. Lucia Pewee and St. Lucia Warbler. Based on my experience, visiting this trail few times this year, it is quite easy to see 3-4 endemic species in one single visit if you go early enough in the morning. It takes approximately two hours to complete the 2.8 km (1.75 miles) walk, which is moderate to strenuous, perched at about 1,000 feet above sea level.

Des Cartiers Rainforest Trail:
This is undoubtedly one of the best birding spot on the island, especially if you want to get the chance to see the St. Lucia Parrot. It is worth the 90-minute drive from Marigot Bay. Trek through the ultimate rainforest and view the wonderful verdant forest, discover many of St. Lucia’s endemic wildlife as you walk this 2.5 miles (4 km) trail.

Gros Piton Trail:
The Gros Piton Nature trail takes you to the top of one of St. Lucia’s famous volcanic peaks, where a breathtaking view awaits you. It is also an excellent spot to see the St. Lucia Wren around the broad middle zone forest. You can also spot some other endemic birds as you proceed to the summit.

Around Praslin:

This is best place to see the White-Breasted Thrasher, a Lesser Antillean endemic. The majority – an estimated 436 pairs of these birds – are found between Praslin and Dennery. The best guide from the Forestry Department for this area is Stephen Lesmond, cell. 758-717-0798.

Maria Island:
The nature preserve on Maria Island, off Vieux Fort, is home to two reptiles found nowhere else on Earth: the Kouwes snake and the Zandoli Terre lizard. In the summer, it is an important nesting area for the Sooty Tern, Brown Noddy and the Scaly-Naped Pigeon. It is also a great spot to watch seabirds flying around the island, like the magnificent Red-Billed Tropicbird.

Local Tip

To get the most of your birding trip to St. Lucia, I highly suggest you to hire the naturalist guides from the Forestry Department – (758) 468-5645/5648/5649. Some of them will offer you their services including the transportation. The following guides know the birds of St. Lucia and the places where to find them:

  • Aloysius Charles (Millet Trail): 758-451-1691 (w),
  • Lyndon John: 758-468-5635 (w), 758-718-6814 (cell.),
  • Stephen Lesmond (Praslin & Maria Island): 758-717-0798 (cell.),
  • Adams Toussaint: 758-461-2878 (cell.), 758-518-8678 (cell.),

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