Hire the Services of a Cook in Your Own Private Villa!

Renting private villas has become a popular phenomenon because it gives you the freedom to live your vacation totally as you wish! And the same applies for how you eat. Want to go out to a restaurant? No problem. Had a big lunch, just want to make yourself a quick snack for dinner? No problem. Want to enjoy a delicious homemade, St. Lucian meal made by a private cook in the comfort of your own villa? Definitely.

What better way to experience true local cuisine than to have a local prepare for you one of their traditional meals like they would their own family?

Details on Hiring a Private Cook:

  • Can prepare lunches and dinners in the comfort of your own villa whenever and for however many days you would like.
  • All the cooks are local St. Lucians and specialize in authentic Creole cuisine (don’t ask them to make you duck confit).
  • Typical St. Lucian fare might include: roti, stewed, jerk, and barbecued chicken, curried goat, accras (seen right), steamed fish, dasheen, rice and peas, potatoes, fried plantains, pork dumplings, breadfruit, johnny cakes, coconut pie, cassava bread, salads, and using a lot of spices that include cinnamon, curry, garlic, nutmeg, cocoa, parsley, cloves, and more.
  • We’ll provide a quote based on which villa you are staying at, the number of people in your party/group, and how many meals you would like prepared.
  • Please note: these are not trained professional chefs; they are locals who have been cooking traditional Creole cuisine their whole lives, which we feel allows for an even more authentic, local cuisine experience. Restaurants are for chefs.
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